Our solution

Maxi Terra solution to the fragmentation and dispersion that rural smallholders face, is a vehicle for a direct supply chain that guarantees transparency, fair trade, price stability and traceability

This model is known as Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), and has the following features

  • Operate within limited geographic areas to integrate various smallholders and obtain larger scale and volumes
  • Such scale allows for favorable trade terms for smallholders through centralized negotiations with large buyers, as well suppliers
  • Reach rural smallholders with an offering of product and services well adapted to the particular conditions of each area
  • Ensure fixed margins and a transparent cost structure to both ends of the supply chain. This is a critical condition to warrant that the SPV does not convert into a monopolist service provider
  • Facilitates the communication and interaction between farmers, buyers of produce and suppliers of goods and services.
  • Leverage on Information & Communication Technology (ICT) tools to reach out and make supply chains more efficient
  • Accommodate the cyclic nature of farmers’ cash flows