The farmers challenge

Agriculture is fragmented and dispersed in several million of smallholder farms that operate outside formal economy. This complexity implies lack of efficiency in cost and lack of reliability on the supply chain in both ways, upstream (farmers) and downstream (buyers).

  • Mexico has a total economy size of about $1,153bn and +114m population,
  • There are +25 million people living in rural areas (22% of total)
  • With a poverty headcount ratio of 61%
  • Agriculture value added accounts for only 3.8%)
  • With an estimated 4 million smallholders within a limited arable land, 2.2 h/pp
  • And per capita income of $650/year
  • Fertilizer consumption is far below the Latam of 54.5 kg/h

At least once in your life you’ll need a doctor, an attorney or an architect. Every day, three times a day you need a farmer… will you still be able to find one in the future?